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Citrus Tickets is an official provider of event tickets in California! We started this site to help folks buy tickets to events in California, not to make a ton of money. We already work full-time jobs and is more of a hobby than anything. We live in Anaheim, CA, so we always know what is going on in the area! Why buy tickets from a big nationwide ticket vendor, why not support your local economy and buy tickets to local events from a local company! We sell event tickets in every city across the us, but we specialize in event tickets in California. We are the #1 source for event tickets across the state of California. Read more about us… is your source for great concert, sports, and theatre tickets at low prices. Whether you’re buying concert tickets for children’s shows to enjoy with your whole family or taking your spouse to a Broadway show, we have the tickets you’re looking for at a reasonable price. We have a great selection of tickets at every price range, from the cheap seats to the front row.

We research events to find information such as on sale dates, tour schedules, and seating charts. We search for the seats you want and provide a full list of what is available. We find tickets for otherwise sold-out events. Our mascot Cindy Citrus does all the searching for you, and she makes it possible for you to buy tickets to an event, even at the last minute.