Awesome Bruce Springsteen Tickets still available..

There are still several Bruce Springsteen Tickets available at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in LA. The Boss and fellow E Street Band members will be performing 2 shows in Southern California.

Bruce Sprngsteen Tickets in LACome hear songs from Springsteen’s latest album, “Working on a Dream” as well as many of his legendary tunes such as; “Born in the USA”, “Thunder Road”, “Hungry Heart”, “Glory Days”, “Streets of Philadelphia” and many many more! Fans of all ages are encouraged to see this rock legend live on stage in concert. Just listening to his songs will definitely take you for a mental walk down memory lane!

Just imaging this, throughout his illustrious singing career, Bruce Springsteen has has won 19 Grammy Awards!!! Are you kidding me?? 19 Grammy’s, not bad for a dude out of Long Branch, New Jersey.

Also, if you have ever wondered why Bruce Springsteen is referred to as the Boss, it is not as exciting as you may have thought! Springsteen acquired the nickname “The Boss” during this period as when he played club gigs with a band he took on the task of collecting the band’s nightly pay and distributing it amongst his bandmates. It sort of takes away the toughness of that nickname.

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Enjoy the show and thanks for reading!