Dodgers Tickets are hot!!!

As expected, the Manny Ramirez signing has created HUGE demand for LA Dodgers tickets almost immediately! This comes as no surprise as the Dodgers are not a very exciting team to watch without the unpredictable Manny around.

Just a few weeks back, you could have purchased LA Dodgers Opening day tickets for around $30 each! Today, those same seats are going to cost about $60 each and as of 11am on 3/14, there are only about 10 tickets left at that price! So essentially, Manny Ramirez has caused Dodgers opening day tickets to double in price in just a few short weeks. With about a full month to go until game time, who knows where prices may end up!

BASEBALL-DODGERS/RAMIREZI can honestly say that this increase in Dodger Tickets prices is clearly justifiable. Manny fills seats!

If you are really interested and want to buy Good Dodgers Tickets to opening day at Dodger Stadium against the San Francisco Giants, I suggest you purchase them as soon as possible or you may end up paying quite a bit more.

Buying event tickets is not an art it is based purely on supply and demand. The lower the supply, the higher the demand, which in turn raises prices. Procrastinators are not the best for buying great seats at great prices!