San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento & Oakland Added…

Over the past year, the number one request we hear from our users is an easier way to locate event tickets in Northern Californian cities. As you may know, the original focus for CitrusTickets was to provide tickets to events in Southern California. This was mainly because of our physical location and our ability to know what is going on in the local area. However, many folks from the bay area have been visiting the site to purchase tickets and find it cumbersome to locate tickets to the desired events.

To alleviate this, we have taken several initial steps. Firstly, we have added ticket pages for the 4 major cities in Northern California; Tickets to San Francisco Events, Tickets to San Jose Events, Tickets to Sacramento Events & Tickets to Oakland Events. Secondly, we have added these cities to every event ticket page, which puts the events at the forefront.

Going forward, we will continue to add venue information for Northern California cities and expand the calendar of events to include events in Northern California.

For those of you with friends and family residing in Northern California, please refer them to for the best tickets available in California on the internet.