Lakers Ticket Prices Going Down, Like Their Record!

I hate to say this, but in LA when the Lakers are not playing well, laker ticket prices come down to a reasonable price. The good news is, even though they cannot win against a quality opponent, everyone that has not been able to go to a Laker game because of the high ticket prices can now go! On top of the low prices, you can get another 5% off laker tickets when you buy tickets from (read below for Lakers discount code)!

Do you realize the Lakers have not really beat a good opponent this year? I mean sure they beat they beat Portland back on November 7, but that is it. It seems like every time they play a team with a better than .500 record, they lose. I mean they lost to the teams they NEED to beat. They have lost to western conference quality teams like Denver, Utah, San Antonino, which they need to beat!

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We have good deals on several key upcoming Lakers opponents:

LA Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder on January 17, 2011
LA Lakers vs. Utah Jazz on January 25, 2011
LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics on January 30, 2011
LA Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs on February 3, 2011.

Thanks for reading and buy Lakers tickets today. Please enjoy the show!