NFC Playoff Tickets Available

Well the 49ers were not even close, so California will not represent the NFC playoff picture this year. Regardless, We have discounted NFC playoff tickets available for every game this year.

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend and the teams that will host postseason games shouldn’t have much trouble filling the seats, though tickets are still available for some games. Here’s a look at how the playoff teams that could host a game have fared at the gate, traditionally as well as recently.

#1 Seed – Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, if they win they are home! Find Atlanta Falcons Playoff Tickets –>

#2 Seed – Chicago Bears: The Bears will host the NFC Divisional Playoffs on January 16, 2011 and they will host the NFC Championship, should they win and the Falcons lose. Find Chicago Bears Playoff Tickets–>

#3 Seed – Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles will host the Green Bay Packers Sunday, January 9. Find Philadelphia Eagles Playoff Tickets–>

#4 Seed – Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks, will host the New Orleans Saints in a Wild Card game Saturday, January 8. Find Seattle Seahawks Playoff Tickets–>

#5 Seed – New Orleans Saints: The Saints can only host a playoff game if they reach the NFC Championship and face the sixth-seeded Packers. Until that point the Saints will be on the road. Find New Orleans Saints Playoff Tickets–>

#6 Seed – Green Bay Packers: The Packers will not host a playoff game this year, they will have to win it all on the road.

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Thanks for reading and buy NFC Playoff tickets today. Please enjoy the game!