Ticketmaster Coupon Codes

So I was looking through some of the statics of people that visit CitrusTickets.com and I discovered that folks actually come to our site looking for a coupon code for Ticketmaster! They search for terms like “ticketmaster coupon code” and “ticketmaster discount code”. This was definitely a bit surprising as I DO NOT support ticketmaster and frankly they are the reason my family and I started this site.

How about this, instead of buying tickets from Ticketmaster, why not just buy from us! You can use the CitrusTickets coupon code: orange anytime you like. We have the same tickets available as ticketmaster, but the money we make goes right back into the community.We are a local family run business in Southern California, not a nationwide company like ticketmaster! I am sorry if you are looking for a ticketmaster discount code, I do not have one of those!

Thanks for reading and remember to forget buying tickets from ticketmaster. Please enjoy the concert!

Cindy Citrus

Your Personal California Ticket Consultant