Katy Perry Tickets at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles

Everyone loves Katy Perry and the chance to see her live in concert is here! As you may very well know, Katy Perry has been touring the nation with rave reviews. Finally, Katy Perry is coming to Southern California for 3 sold out performance at the Nokia Theatre starting on August 5, 2011.

We at CitrusTickets.com have been working very hard this summer to get the best possible deals on Katy Perry tickets for all of us on tight budgets in Southern California. Times can be a bit tough in today’s economy, but that should not mean we still cannot enjoy ourselves. I personally have reserved about 30 discounted Katy Perry ticket for the last month before the concert at Nokia Theatre. Not only have a reserved these tickets, you can also use Katy Perry discount code: sweet and save yourself some additional money, here is what I have reserved:

Katy Perry in Los Angeles tickets

If you cannot make on of the Katy Perry concerts at the Nokia Theatre, not to worry, she will be performing at several other venues in Southern California this summer. You can check other Katy Perry tickets here. I really hope you buy Katy Perry tickets from us and please do not forget to use the Katy Perry discount code: sweet and save yourself some money.

Cindy Citrus

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