Discount Lakers and Clippers Playoff Tickets

We finally have 2 teams in the NBA playoffs in Southern California this year. Here is a summary of the 1st round series of the NBA playoffs:

Lakers vs. Nuggets

The Lakers kick off the 2012 NBA playoffs with a series against a tough Denver Nuggets team. I expect this to be a hard fought series between the Lakers and Nuggets, but I do expect the Lakers to prevail in this series. We are selling discount Lakers playoff tickets to this series.

Clippers vs. Grizzlies

Well it looks like the Chris Paul trade has paid off for the Clippers, they finally have made the playoffs. But they will have to face the 4th seeded Memphis Grizzlies. This is the same Grizzlies team that knocked off the Spurs in last years playoffs and almost knocked off the Thunder. I expect a tough series for the Clippers and I hope they survive! We have plenty of Clippers playoff tickets available.

Hawks vs. Celtics

Is this the year the Hawks make a run? The Celtics seem old and tired, the hawks are young and hungry. This series will definitely go 7. Get Hawks playoff tickets now, before prices get too high.

Magic vs. Pacers

Its once again time for Dwight Howard to shine, but the pacers have been the surprise team of the NBA this year. I can’t imagine the Magic will make it out of the first round. Buy Magic playoff tickets today!

Thunder vs. Mavs

The Poor defending champion Mavs look terrible. They dumped Lamar and will have a very very difficult time with the Thunder. Expect an early vacation for the Mavs team.We are selling Dallas Mavs playoff tickets through our partner site.