Discount Madonna Tickets in California

She is at it again! Madonna is preparing for her upcoming 2015 Rebel Heart Tour across Europe and the US. As a matter of fact, this will be Madonna’s 10th tour in her illustrious 30-year career. For this upcoming Rebel Heart Tour, she will be performing at several venues across the globe, including 2 right here in California. Madonna Concert

Let’s hope, for Madonna’s sake, that she does not fall off stage like she did at the 2015 Brit Awards! (Check out the Madonna Stage Fall here). Poor Madonna!

Tickets for the Rebel Heart Tour officially go on sale March 16, 2015. For a full list of all tickets available in North America and Europe, please check our official Madonna Concert Tickets page. For those of you that live right here in California, we have a wonderful selection of Madonna Tickets in LA and San Jose, both in October 2015. Also, check out our CitrusTickets discount code at the end of this post. Buy Madonna Concert tickets in California below:

Madonna in California tickets

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