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November 20, 2010

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About Wicked

Wicked is entertaining, exciting, and even helps to explain the Wizard of Oz better for the entire audience. This incredible musical has been open since 2003 and Wicked tickets have been sold out practically every night in Chicago, New York, and the 15 other cities currently playing this musical. Since it’s opening it has been nominated for ten Tony Awards and won them for Best Actress in a Musical, and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album in 2005.

The story explains the life of Elphaba Thropp, or as we know her, the wicked witch of the west. It goes on to explain how she became wicked and her life as it was before Dorothy came along. She ends up meeting Glinda, the good witch, and rooms with her in college. The audience learns the hardships their friendship endures and the differences in life they are faced with. It is an incredible story with songs that will keep you singing for days after.

Although there is no persuasion needed for this stunning musical, Wicked managed to make back it’s entire spending amount within less than a year and has since grossed about a million dollars a week. Starting January 2006, Wicked made headlines as it became the highest weekly box office gross in all of Broadway history.

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