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April 17, 2009

Aerosmith with Special guest ZZ Top, are coming to Southern California! Don’t miss your chance to watch Aerosmith live in Southern California, buy Aerosmith Tickets today at!

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About Aerosmith

Aerosmith Tickets in Southern CaliforniaAerosmith, sometimes referred to as “The Bad Boys from Boston”. Their style, rooted in blues-based hard rock, has come to also incorporate elements of pop, heavy metal and rhythm and blues, which has inspired many subsequent rock artists. The band was formed in Boston back in 1970. Guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton, originally in a band together called the Jam Band, met up with singer Steven Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer, and guitarist Ray Tabano, and formed Aerosmith. By 1971, Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford, and the band began developing a following in Boston.

They were signed to Columbia Records in 1972, and released a string of multi-platinum albums, beginning with their 1973 eponymous debut album.

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