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April 13, 2009

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About Celtic Woman – The Show

Celtic Woman are an all-female vocal ensemble performing various traditional and contemporary Celtic-based songs. Since as long as history can remember, the Celts have held close to their hearts a tradition of song that celebrated life with a deep understanding of the power of music. A bardic tradition that lives on today, in songs and singing styles that are cherished the world over.

Celtic Woman TicketsThe beauty of the music is made all the more vibrant by the pure and lilting voices of Celtic Woman.

Celtic Woman is the culmination of a dream for composer David Downes. Downes is widely acknowledged as one of Ireland’s brightest stars following his musical work on Riverdance. Being from Ireland one inherits a great legacy of music, and David has accepted this heritage with a will to show it to the world… and it is his musical genius behind the celtic woman compositions.

Five remarkable talents, four singers and a fiddle player, are the performers behind the Celtic Woman juggernuat. It was David who was involved in producing their early recordings and bringing the players together, but it was in their combined abilities that he knew he could make Celtic Woman into what it has become. Being a skilled musical director and with the experience of Riverdance already under his belt, he set out to create what is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Singing solo or together, their voices will affect you, finding that spirit that harkens back to the ancient past and songs that were written to last an age. Each song handpicked to show the true talents of each individual performer.

But of special note is the singular brilliance of Mairead! As she dances across the stage, driven by the volition of her own music, swaying to the sweetness of her fiddle. Whether duelling with Bodhran drummers or inspiring for the other girls, Mairead generates an electric atmosphere and a spectacle not to be missed, and not lightly forgotten.

The Celtic Woman show is an exhilarating and unique spectacle, with a stage design and light show perfectly suited to its theme. It is in its theatrical landscape, created like a mythical dream, at the shores of a musical sea, that the show carries you upon it’s voices to a journey far away…

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