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February 22, 2009

The Dave Matthews Band is coming to California.  Buy Dave Matthews tickets today at CitrusTickets.com.

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About Dave Matthews

The Dave Matthews Band was formed back in 1991 in Virginia by vocalist and guitarist Dave Matthews, who was a bartender in Charlottesville at the time. The other band members include Stefan Lessard, Leroi Moor, Boyd Tinsley, and Carter Beauford. The band’s mix of rock, jazz, folk, and world music allowed them great local success in Virginia and eventual success when touring around the U.S. mostly at clubs and colleges. The band’s love of the musical form is apparent in their enthusiasm to play. The group’s mix of rock music and worldbeat sensibility have made them one of the most refreshing and intelligent new music successes of the 90s.
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Dave Matthews, whose musical background is heavily influenced by South African rhythms, began to assemble musicians to accompany him on a demo tape. Leroi Moore and Carter Beauford, both seasoned jazz players, were the first to help out. Eventually a 16 year old Stefan Lessard and violinist Boyd Tinsley were brought aboard and a band was formed. Dave Matthews musical expertise is mostly self-taught. After growing up in South Africa, Matthews now draws from many of the folk traditions of world cultures for his complex rhythms and vocals. Although Matthews was only a bartender when he decided to form a band and record a demo, it didn’t stop him from approaching who he considered the best in the business. Leroi Moore played jazz around Virginia before joining Matthews. His talents with the saxophone and classical training made him a top contender to help Matthews with his demo. Carter Beauford has been playing jazz drums since he was a kid. After a stint with teaching history, Beauford returned to the jazz circuit in the 80s and worked with a fusion band called Secrets until 1990. While playing the jazz circuit in Virginia, Beauford found a big fan in the form of Dave Matthews, which eventually led to the two working together. Stefan Lessard was already a well respected bass player in jazz circuits around Virginia when was approached by Matthews. His musical efforts for the band have him playing electric bass. Boyd Tinsley was a classical violinist until the mid-80s when he ventured into rock music.

Tragically, Saxophonist LeRoi Moore, who was with the Dave Matthews Band since the beginning, died in 2008. His death was unexpected and resulted from complications from an ATV accident, despite the fact that he was expected to make a full recovery. Saxophonist Jeff Coffin of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones has filled in for Moore and will fill in on the latest DMB tour. (Get your Dave Matthews Band tickets above)!

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