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October 4, 2009

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About Hanson

Bono called their music ‘genius’. Hip producers like the Dust Brothers and Stephen Lironi worked with them early on, even before millions of fans screamed their names and critics applauded them. But for Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, it’s always been about the music, and there’s always been a message in the music for those who were really listening.

On HANSON’s fourth studio album, The Walk, the messages are more direct. “It’s the first record in a decade that we made completely from scratch as an indie”, Taylor says. “We’ve stepped it up a notch creatively, writing songs that connect to really personal experiences and recording them live ‘from the floor’” (playing together in the studio as they would in front of an audience). It’s a further exploration of the sound that prompted New York’s ‘Village Voice’ to proclaim Hanson as simply “the best straight-up rock band in America, now sowing sonic oats as independents”. And it’s the independence in the approach to both recording and releasing their music that fans and critics alike will appreciate about The Walk.

Recorded at their Tulsa studio and released on their own 3CG Records, The Walk builds on the success of HANSON’s last album, “Underneath”, which debuted on the Billboard Independent Chart at #1 and on Billboard’s Top 200 at #25, making it one of the most successful self-released albums in history. Taking the reins both artistically and as entrepreneurs, the band came up with an innovative approach to rolling out their new CD. Each week leading up to the album’s release date, HANSON will podcast an episode of a docu-series they’ve titled “Taking The Walk”. Fans will be treated to an inside look at the making of the album and the building of an independent label. “The docu-series lets people inside the process of writing, producing and releasing music in a way that has never been possible in the past. Now we can give people more than just a music video, this is TV for the ipod generation”, Taylor says.

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