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May 10, 2010

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30 years after the release of the sprawling double-album Pink Floyd masterpiece ‘The Wall,’ founding member Roger Waters has announced plans for an extensive U.S. tour devoted specifically to the album.

Thus far, the album has been performed only 31 times, but Waters plans to double that figure and then some with ‘The Wall Live,’ a 36-plus date tour through the States in which he’ll perform ‘The Wall’ in its entirety, backed by a full band and state-of-the-art production.

Waters, who left Pink Floyd in the ’80s to pursue a solo career, recently spoke to Spinner about the tour and his motivation for it. “30 Years ago when I wrote ‘The Wall’ I was a frightened young man,” said the iconic frontman. “Well, not that young — I was 36 years old. It took me a long time to get over my fears. Anyway, in the intervening years it has occurred to me that maybe the story of my fear and loss with it’s concomitant inevitable residue of ridicule, shame and punishment, provides an allegory for broader concerns: Nationalism, racism, sexism, religion, whatever! All these issues and ‘isms are driven by the same fears that drove my young life.”

The album’s chief songwriter, Roger first took the rock opera on the road in a massive production for Pink Floyd’s 1980-1981 tour in support of its release. Nearly a decade later, in July of 1990, Waters performed a meaningful solo performance of The Wall to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. More than 400,000 people were in attendance.

“This new production of ‘The Wall’ is an attempt to draw some comparisons, to illuminate our current predicament, and is dedicated to all the innocent lost in the intervening years,” explained Waters.

The album remains one of the Top 5 best selling albums of all time in the U.S. Tickets for the tour go on sale May 10.