Hollywood Bowl

March 3, 2009

The Hollywood Bowl is located at 2301 N Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA. Get Hollywood Bowl tickets, venue details and event information at CitrusTickets.com. Click here for map and directions to the Hollywood Bowl.

Hollywood Bowl tickets

About the Hollywood Bowl
For almost 80 years,the world-famous Hollywood Bowl has been the scene of some of the most memorable musical moments in Los Angeles history… symphonies, opera, jazz, ballet, presidential addresses, rock concerts…

It is the world’s largest natural amphitheater, virtually hidden away in the folds of the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, yet it’s mere blocks from busy Hollywood Blvd.

The Hollywood Bowl was built in 1919 in a natural amphitheater/canyon. The Beatles became the first rock & roll band to play here on August 23, 1964.

hollywood bowl ticketsThe landmark has been seen in a few movies as well, including 1945’s “Anchors Aweigh”, where Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly climb down the hillside to sneak into the Bowl’s seating area. Other films shot on location there include “Beaches” (where Bette Midler is rehearsing on stage when she gets bad news about her friend), “Double Indemnity”, “Some Kind of Wonderful”, “Xanadu” and the 1937 version of “A Star is Born”.

The Hollywood Bowl and its grounds are open free to the public during the daytime. So if you’ve never been there for a concert, you should at least drop in the daylight hours to take a free look at this world-renowned amphitheater and its famous white shell. During the summer months, the Bowl offers rehearsals every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, from 9 AM to noon. And there is no admission charge for these rehearsals.

On most other days of the week, though, there isn’t much going on at the Bowl during the daylight hours. In fact, it can get down right deserted at times, especially during the winter. But if you happen to be in the Hollywood area, snooping around the empty, historic amphitheater can make a fairly interesting stop – albeit a brief one. Bring a friend along, though; it gets pretty lonely there at times.

The stage of the Hollywood Bowl is easily reached from the seating area. There is a small sign asking people to stay off the Bowl’s stage “for your own safety,” but I’ve noticed that tourists can’t seem to resist taking a stroll across those famous boards. Unless there’s a rehearsal going on, there is usually no one around to enforce that rule, and visitors routinely ignore the warnings and take photos of each other standing on the Bowl’s world-famous stage.

There are about 17,680 box seats and bleachers in all.

To really appreciate the Hollywood Bowl, though, you have to attend an evening concert. It’s literally the difference between night and day.

Virtually all of the lower box seats provide excellent views of the orchestra. But that can’t be said for the many rows of bleachers above them. Up at sections Q-R-S-T and above, the view of the stage from the seats is – shall we say – limited.

The Hollywood Bowl is the summer home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. (They spend the winter at the Music Center). Their Bowl concerts begin in late June and continue through mid-September. A second resident orchestra, the new Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, features lighter selections from the likes of Gershwin and Rogers & Hammerstein, and usually plays on Saturdays.